Our general recommendation is 1-2 capsules after each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner (before going to sleep).
1 capsules after each meal is recommended for people with an average daily sugar level below 8.9 mmol/L (160 mg/dl), and 2 capsules after each meal for people with a average daily sugar levels above 8.9 mmol/L (160+mg/dl).
Consulting with your doctor is always advised when using a new diatery supplement.

CuraLin is a 100% natural herbal product!!

The vast majority of our clients start with a combination and in a short period of time reduce down to eliminate any other treatment.
But, as with any dietary supplement, you should consult with your doctor.

Our client report initial results in the first 1-3 days and up to 30% reduction on their sugar levels in 1 week.
As well as sugar levels reduction, our clients report an improvement in sleeping cycle, eyesight, daily energy levels and a reduction in the appearance of dry mouth, tiredness, frequent toilet breaks and other symptoms of the condition.
Our clients report that using CuraLin, on a constant basis, can achieve better glucose
metabolism resulting in sustainable and balanced glucose levels

Our GMP & iso 9001 certified production facilities ensure premium, safe, and high-quality products.

Each unit of CuraLin contains 180 capsules, a 1-2 months supply of CuraLin (user dependent).

CuraLin is made of the best, naturally sourced, premium and clinically tested ingredients.
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When developing CuraLin, we had all of the different stages of Type 2 diabetes in mind.
For the pre diabetics CuraLin can act as a shield, supplying you with a layer of protection, preventing the disease from ever materialising
For people with diabetes, CuraLin is your all in one companion, making sure your glucose levels are under control, avoiding those nasty spikes and supporting a fuller, healthier back to normal lifestyle.

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